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    What is the name of this FC game? Do you know the master and the great god?


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    1. BOKOSUKA War
      In Wikipedia, Free Encyclopedia

      BOKOSUKA War

      developers (s) Koji Sumii (PC) ASCII code (red and white machine)

      Pubers ascii entertainment
      dealer (S) ASCII code (PC) Nintendo (red and white machine)

      designer (S) Koji Sumii n Platform (times) sharp X1, MSX, FM-7, NEC PC-6001, NEC PC-8801, NEC PC-9801, Nintendo Red and White, I-Mode, Virtual Console
      release date (s) Sharp X1
      MSX / PC-88
      's PC-98 / FM-7
      I-Mode 2004, December 14, 1985 Virtual hosting April 8, 2008

      Type (S) Instant Strategy RPG
      Action RPG
      mode (s) Single game
      NBOKOSUKA War (ボコ ス カウォ ー ズ?) is the action of 1983-strategic role-playing game was developed and released by the ASCII code to Sharp X1 by Hao Ishi Sumii, followed by port to MSX, FM-7, NEC NEC The company's PC-6001, NEC PC-8801 and NEC PC-9801 computer platforms have released a modified version of Nintendo red and white machine console and later virtual hosting services. Who should lead the leader of the army to form a real -time pairing enemy forces across the battlefield, and at the same time, it releases the recruitment of soldiers along the way, and has the experience and level that the units can obtain. Players must ensure that the leader is living until the army arrives at the enemy's castle to defeat the leaders of the opponent. [1] [2] [3]
      This this game is responsible for laid the type of basic tactical role -playing game, or because it is known in Japan, with its mixed "simulated RPG" type role -playing and strategic game element. [1] This game is also described differently as an early example action role -playing game, [3] [4] early prototype of instant strategic game, [2] and a unique reverse tower defense game. [3] At its time, the competition was considered a great success in Japan. [5]

      1 Published
      2 plot n3 game
      4 reference
      5 external link n5
      C released [Edit]
      The computer that was originally developed in Sharp X1, which was originally developed in 1983. The first "software contest" and sold them in ASCII Entertainment were packed in that year. [6] The port of the MSX, and then published in 1984, subsequently in the 1985 version of the S1 PC-6000MKII, PC-8801, PC-9801, FM-7 and Nintendo Red and White (the latter released December 14, 1985 1985, 1985 To.
      This Login Magazine's distribution in November 1984 was the source code of the new Bokosuka war named X1. With the new enemy characters and the redesigned projects and traps, the difficulty becomes more balanced. This also includes the distribution of tape login magazines in November 1984, but has never been sold in any other form.
      Today, sales in the PC-8801 version serve as I-Mode transplanted from downloading and being transplanted in 2004. The virtual host of WII was released on April 8th, 2008 on the red and white machine version.
      It plot [Edit]
      In the version (and the virtual console version of the virtual console) in the later Nintendo red and white machine (NES) console (and in turn). Trees and rocks. Wang Sulun must release his soldiers from trees and rocks and defeat the power of the king Ogeth. The trees and rocks of the allies only appear in the NES console version.
      The version of X1, MSX, and PC computers in front, but players may be liberated from the cells or rocks from a complete army, instead of getting some additional knights. Is there any soldier become an object in the original computer version.
      game [Edit]
      Player can control three chess and card units: king, knight, pawn industry. Press the direction of the king of Su Lun and his army in the direction required. The captive soldiers used the knight to break the door in front of them. In the NES version, the player was only at the beginning of the king Sulun competition in 597 meters, and hit the tree, cactus, rocks and walls with Wang Sulun, and restored it to normal forms to get more allies.
      It, there are obstacles in the world of Bokosuka, only certain characters can pass. The door that soldiers were locked can only be broken by the Cavaliers. When the dead tiles will kill the soldiers who will delete them, they will strengthen all their characters. The walls are 500 meters, 400 meters, 300m, and 200m can only be broken by king Sulun.
      Is when a unit collides with another, a battle occurs. The floor tiles will become a cross -sword icon, and then B (fighting). This victory is through the difference between the offensive strength of the unit, and the computer will automatically calculate.
      If King Su Lun died, the game was over, and announced "Wow! You lost!". When the king Su Lun successfully defeated the king Ogreth, the end of the game "BRAVO! You win!"
      The unique game music of the lyrics "forward, Bokosuka" (すすめ ボコ ボコ ボコ ボコ ボコ ボコ ボコ ボコ ボコ 当 当Essence

      ================================== ===============================
      n The information found on the dimension, English, turn over After a moment, LZ sloppy, let's take a look

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