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    What are the poker play together by five people?


    Sep 22, 2022
    One thought on “What are the poker play together by five people?”
    1. Poker games suitable for five people are: playing big A and catching dog legs.
      1. Big A
      The inner Mongolia not only has a man with a horse rod, but also a big A game known to women and children. This is also a classic five -player chess and card game, using two -pair poker cards, three dozen, two or one dozen. The characteristics of playing big A games are that the content is rich, the gameplay is flexible, and the rules are rigorous. Three or two or one dozen four reflect the player's independent and cooperative play card skills, which has enhanced the confrontation of the card.
      2, catch the dog's legs
      If there are any card games that can play the taste of "who is undercover", catching the dog's legs can be considered as one. The special game of catching the dog's legs is that there are three pairs of poker, which stipulates that 8 is a special card. This card is also called a dog leg card. The civilians who touched the dog's legs automatically and the landlord's family to form a two -fight and three pattern.
      When the dog's leg card was caught by the landlord himself, the landlord could choose to secretly go four dozen dozen. At this time, the dog leg card can be used as an invincible card to kill the audience. The fun of the game is exactly the unclear identity of this player.
      The games of the number of other people include:
      1, Ten Ten/Twenty: The two people have the average score of the two, one party first, and the other party must have 10 cards from the other party. In turn, the cards are available first, the winning card is won, and finally more cards received. Next is to get twenty. No matter how many cards are taken, the idea of ​​making up the idea is that it is OK for twenty.
      2, cover quilt: each person holds more than a dozen cards, takes turns to open a card and open on the table, and at the same time press 1,2,3,4 ... The open card is just the same, and immediately cover the card with your hand to see who's response is fast, even if you lose the slowest. This gameplay is very exciting, and sometimes the back of the hand is red.
      3, caught turtle: not necessarily a card, as long as it is right, and then draw one (the one left can only be a single, that is, the so -called 'turtle'); shuffle ; Touch the card; each person first pulls his own hand to put it aside, leaving only the order. Then one party took one from the other party's hand. If the card was paired with the cards in his hand, it was pulled out again, otherwise it was a turtle.

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