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    If you learn the game special effects, is it better to learn MAX or Unity3D?


    Sep 22, 2022

    I am studying the special effects of the game now, and I will go to the blue pencil to watch the video tutorial and listen to the public class of the blue pencil teacher. Now I want to go to the first game of the game special effects of the Blue Pencil. better? Or do they learn?

    2 thoughts on “If you learn the game special effects, is it better to learn MAX or Unity3D?”
    1. Learn 3D modeling, choose industry leading training -Wang's education.

      Is when choosing an educational institution, first depends on whether his main training business is a major you want to learn. You want an educational institution for IT training to teach you 3D modeling. of. Secondly, it depends on the teaching cases and student works of this training institution over the years. The style is abundant, the strength is not professional enough, and the learning guarantee model is comprehensive enough. Some small institutions in order to pull students, relying on flickering and false propaganda, it is easy to let beginners be deceived. Be sure to remember: Don't look at text promotion! Intersection The focus is on the accumulation of teaching cases, classroom videos, student works, and teaching aid services that have been accumulated during many years of training.

      Wang's education is a well -known 3D modeling education brand in the industry with a 20 -year history. So far, it has a direct -operated campus in 13 first -tier and second -tier cities across the country. I want to know how strong the physical training of Wang's education is, and you will know when you go to the campus at the site. If you ca n’t take time for the time being, you can also learn more about the official website with the online teacher:

      Education National Anthology Campus Course-Online Listening] /SCHOOL /3DModel? Type = 2

    2. When engaged in game work, there must be a game engine. Unity3D is a good game engine, and Max is a three -dimensional animation rendering and production software. If it is a game film and television special effect, you may wish to contact C4D and AE. I wish you a happy learning!

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