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    How to set the game background running


    Sep 23, 2022
    2 thoughts on “How to set the game background running”
    1. Let the game run in the background of the mobile phone and press the middle key directly, and just return to the desktop.
      The background of the mobile phone is mainly divided in two ways: one is to divide the base frequency (hardware background), and the other is to divide according to the operating system (software background). What we usually call mobile phone operation actually refers to the software background, that is, the operating system of the mobile phone. The main mobile phone infrastructure manufacturers include Texas Instruments, Ericsson Mobile Backstage, Qualcomm, MediaTek, NXP, Feisica, Yingfei Ling, Broadcom, and Show. The background of the mobile phone operation has formed a situation of Limo, Symbian, Android, (Old), and other heroes, but no matter how they develop, open source will be an inevitable trend.
      The the most widely used mobile phone background is:
      symbian, research in motion, iPhone OS, Android, Microsoft Windows Phone, Linux;
      VRE (Virtual Runtime) is a self -developed mobile terminal developed for mobile terminals. Middleware solution for device. Including embedded middleware background and service operation system, it provides a complete and efficient development background for mobile terminal devices, so that terminal manufacturers can develop mobile phone systems on cross -chip background, and also enable mobile applicants to get development tools and development tools and support.

    2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to open the mobile phone housekeeper that comes with the mobile phone and find the start managementn2. In the starting management, find the game that is too running after it is found, open the permission to start, do not click the return key to exit when running in the background, directly click the Home button, the software will run in the background to run in the background.

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