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    How to represent the mobile game? How to join? Do you know how to do it?


    Sep 23, 2022
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    1. First of all, understand whether this platform mechanism is stable; second, how is the point, picture quality, and quality of this game; what is the situation and arrangement of the game's point and commission; at present How about it; there are several solutions for a certain game promotion channel, how much measures are; the last is after -sales, because most people have not touched things, they will want to do free things. I thought, I don’t have any, I don’t have After doing this industry, in order to insurance, many people will choose to try it for free.
      The mobile game agency market is indeed very confusing. Dare not recommend it. Fenglin mobile game goes up to ensure safe and reliable, and you need to understand it yourself.
      In after understanding, after the familiar platform, I feel that I can develop, and then decide to cooperate with the publisher to join the agent. This will not lose too much, at most delay time.
      But what is the actual situation?
      has no experience to get free of charge. Most people have failed. Either I can't do it, or I am very optimistic about this industry. The industry loses confidence and is full of disappointment. I feel that the industry is not good at all. In fact, you think if you do n’t have any foundation and do it for free. Others have not provided it to you when promoting channels and solutions. Some also tell you some of the most superficial things. If the quality is not good, go to the promotion of others, and find someone else to get it. In this way, you want to uninstall the game you promoted, and there is no insurance between the between.
      . If you are just a person who has just joined the industry, under such a situation, you may feel that the industry does not make money. Isn't this normal?
      Then you feel that you consume a lot of time and energy, you may lose money, but more importantly, you lose this industry that you can reach.
      In lost is an opportunity to succeed, so do you still feel that the franchise fee of the first and secondary agents involved is expensive? Maybe some people will say that it is expensive, but if I don't want to pay so much money, it will definitely not guarantee to be successfully acquired at once. But since it is cooperation, it is necessary to protect their own interests. Give you the greatest help and teach you how to promote it. As long as you hold a ready -made game and push it in the gourd. Excuse me, which has a bigger chance of success? This is not obvious. As long as you work hard to operate with your heart, coupled with the support and joint efforts of franchisees, the chance of success will be greater. Take a look at Fenglin Mobile Games. This is the operation process of the proxy background. Starting from the first -level trial agent from Fenglin Mobile Games, 100 is fine, and there are various support.
      It a coordinated plan
      In fact, we must always do every challenge for not paying and insurance, so as to be rigorous and safe, and it is also very stable. If you want your status quo, you want to make your status quo. It will continue to develop smoothly. If you need to change your status quo or you want to have greater development, please believe that you have a chance.

    2. There are free and franchise fees on the market.
      The free stickers are particularly special. The advantage is that no investment funds are required. The disadvantage is that the point authority is not the highest, and it may also face the black platform running.
      The franchise fee is particularly special. Pay attention to choosing a good platform. Good platforms need to have long -term stability of legal compliance. The next step is to watch the game. The game needs good picture quality and novel gameplay. It is best to choose a star endorsement or a large company. The high exposure of celebrity endorsements is high, and the large companies must produce boutiques. Then, there is a need for promotion channels and methods. Regular companies or publishers have systematic training. There are very, very important points. Essence Essence It is not stuck, no delay, no commission. It is best to find the day to end. Finally, after -sales service. Essence After you represent the game, you will definitely encounter many problems. There is a complete after -sales system to help you solve these problems in time. Essence

    3. Many people make mobile game agents decided when they are more impulsive. Even some of the mobile game agents do not understand what they do, but they are easily entered by some merchants as soon as they flickered. Intersection This article is a series of things about the mobile game agents before and after the enlistment of mobile games. I hope it will be helpful for newcomers who want to enter this industry or have just entered the industry.

      . Questions that need to be considered before the mobile game agent

      mobile game agent belongs to the category of Internet entrepreneurship. The first thing entrepreneurs must have mentality issues: ① Active positiveness must be positive The upward and tough mentality, don't take "I can't" be an excuse for self -denial! Only if you do anything, you know where you are not enough to further correct it. A positive mentality should be "I try" instead of "I can't". ② Stressing and self -discipline mentality. It is not smooth on the road of entrepreneurship. You should prepare for the psychological preparation of stress and setbacks. We must bear the loneliness to bear the ridicule.

      Then there is the ability of the ability: ① Learning ability, always study, absorb, and transform in the process of entrepreneurship. ② Thinking and practical ability, and through continuous learning, think about summarizing a model that suits you to operate.

      . How to choose a platform that suits you

      Theneys when you have the basic mentality and ability above are the mobile game agent platform. In the first step, friends who want to enter this line must be brighten to make a choice. From the perspective of franchise methods, I divide it into the two categories as the following figure. After seeing it, everyone knows that after the franchise method, it depends on what service and support this platform can provide franchisees. The platform will advocate how many functional drainage software will be provided in the future, and how many people will have more people to train and serve you and provide various support and help. No need to do it, there will be a bunch of people to solve the problem for you. When you encounter this situation, you must think about it. Why are you doing such a powerful software? Do you want to serve so many people alone? Is it possible to have these people to do something else? As a industry person, my suggestion is that even if only one person is willing to really share his successful experience and selflessly with you, and let you completely copy the operation every step, then it is very good. s things.

      The third question after selecting the platform is:

      . What do the mobile game agent do?

      The two major ways of monetization of mobile game agents ① is to promote the game to make flowing water. Then implement it step by step. There are many ways to promote mobile game promotion. I have talked in other articles. I will not list them one by one. After finding several methods that suits you, you can insist on doing it. The focus here is to close the same level agent. In the early days of the business, the most suitable for newcomers is to collect the agency of the same level to earn agency fees. Why? Because most people do not have their own resources and gaming circles in the early days of the agency. It would be difficult to rely on flowing water alone, and some people would have no granification, and even how to survive is a problem. At this time, you can collect the same agent first, share the platform with people who also want to start a business through mobile games, quickly increase the income, and provide the foundation for future flowing water.

      . How to choose to operate your own game or game box

      In the survival of it, you must consider what should be developed in the future. I start a business on the Internet. The profit model is divided into two categories,

      is active income. Whether it is mobile games moving bricks, e -commerce platforms, Internet celebrity micro -business, or short video editing, these are active income. They all achieved the direct realization of traffic through continuous efforts. The advantage of this model is fast realization, just like traditional mobile games moving bricks or traditional mobile games promotion. There is no income for operation;

      . The other is passive income. After absorbing powder by the content of the content, it can be used to make money after secondary conversion. It can be text content or video content. For example, some knowledge paid big V is insisting on sharing dry goods and sucking powder. After the number of fans is up, the project will be transformed into the project to generate benefits. The shared dry goods will continue to bring traffic and fans to him.

      The passive income model requires a lot of energy to establish channels. It may not be income during the construction channel, but once it is completed, his income is continuous. I believe this point. I believe There are countless successful cases on the Internet.

      It friends will definitely say that I also want to make passive income, but I will not say that I will not write what to do. When you say it, you will return to the first point. If you won't learn to accompany you, copy the industry leaders and competitors, here is also reflected in the third point to build a knowledge system framework. After the framework is built, you can first enter the knowledge first, and then slowly output the output. , Persist in continuously to input and output, so sooner or later you will become a big man in the industry!

      In the correct operating method to determine how long the future way can go, so we must make long -term planning. The above is some understanding of my opponent's mobile game agency industry. Of course, it is also applicable to any industry, hoping to help those in need.

    4. In fact, it is very simple, and now there are more and more people who do mobile game agents. The trend of mobile games is also increasing, and there are also platforms for charging and not charging in the market. It depends on what you do. The free platform does not provide any help and support, nor does it guarantee. Because you do n’t need to sign a contract, you will give you a background, and then you to promote their games. It is your business that can be pushed, and you need to cut a knife on the commission point. You need to know that there is no money to make money in the world, so it is the most important thing to choose the right platform at all. It is not to say that all the fees are reliable, and some also let you join under the guise of charges. I will tell you very well before. But if you do n’t pay the franchise fee first, you wo n’t let you watch the game, and there ’s also give you a PPT. It’ s done. There is no training. The so -called reliable platform is that you will sign a legal contract for you after joining, and then provide you with training, support, promotion channels, words, and so on. Including a after -sales service, you will inevitably encounter some problems in the game in the game. At this time, you need to specialize in the after -sales staff to solve a series of problems. So tell the original poster here that you must choose the right platform for lighter your eyes!

    5. People in the industry tell you that no matter what they say, 95%of companies who know 95%of them are companies that cut leeks or earn free labor. Suspected, only the abbreviation: Beijing SDT, Nanjing QA, Wuhan ZS, and two more than saying that it has been raised recently, it is not cost -effective.

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