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    Can the chess and card room open on February 17, 2020?


    Sep 23, 2022

    When can you open

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    1. At present, the chess and card room cannot be opened. This must be ends after the epidemic is over. This has a great impact. It is estimated that it will be restored at the latest! At present, the prevention and control situation of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic is still severe and complicated. The notice requested that in order to do a good job of preventing and controlling the epidemic and effectively ensuring the safety of the lives of the people and health of the people. During the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, all Mahjong pavilions, chess and card rooms, teahouses, activity rooms, game rooms and other places will be stopped. open. For illegal business, the office is strictly investigated in accordance with laws and regulations.
      This information:
      . All plans come from low -risk areas (returning) Thai personnel from the district and cities where domestic and high -risk areas are located in China. Relevant regulations for preventing and controlling and controlling; personnel in high -risk areas are temporarily relieved (returned) Thailand.
      . Pay attention to the latest information of domestic and high -risk areas in time, and actively check my health code status, especially those who have a history of residents in the epidemic in the epidemic in the history of epidemic since July 10 (Sukang code) or The itinerary code is abnormal (transformed to yellow or red), and immediately report to the community (village), unit or staying in the hotel where you are located, and cooperate with the observation measures for isolation.
      . Those who are close to those from domestic and high -risk areas, entry personnel, confirmed or suspected cases, and report to the residential community (village) and units in advance to strictly implement the "14 14" medical observation measures, that is, 14 Heavenly isolation of medical observation, after the expiration of the isolation period and the test, continue to implement the health monitoring of 14 Heavenly House. Since July 10, there have been historians at Nanjing Lukou International Airport to strictly implement the "14 7" medical observation measures, that is, concentrated medical observations for 14 days, after the quarantine period expires and passed the test In contrast, family members who live together have also implemented the health monitoring of 7 Heavenly Home Furniture. During the health monitoring, personal protection is performed to avoid direct contact. During the period, at least 2 nucleic acid testing (interval between 48 hours) is performed. Since July 10, there have been historical personnel living in Nanjing, strictly implemented the health monitoring of 14 Heavenly Houses, and conducted 3 nucleic acid testing during the period (more than 48 hours at a time).
      . If symptoms such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, and weakness, you should go to the hot kidnasped clinics of the nearby medical institutions in time, and actively report the history of living in high -risk areas. Do a good job of personal protection during the clinic to avoid taking public transport.
      5. No organization, not participating in non -necessary gathering activities, maintain good hygiene habits such as hard -to -hand, often ventilating, often ventilated, wearing masks, "one meter", and using male chopsticks.

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